PATH Throwback Thursday: DFWGA

“To activate, educate and empower the community for a safe environment.” DFW Green Alliance (1997-2007)
A buzz-illion thanks to the many DFWGA Charter groups, volunteers, sponsors and partners over the years for making Dallas – North Texas green. You know who you are. And you are still going strong from that involvement. Kudos especially to those eco-leaders who began your organizations out of that incredible pioneering DFWGA experience!

That was the DFWGA’s purpose. To activate, educate, and empower. PATH (501c3), the DFWGA fiscal agent, coined the word “sustainable” throughout the North Texas area, and provided the programs, classes, events, workshops, etc. needed to teach what it meant to “sustain yourself” beginning in 1990.

The DFWGA was also the catalyst for Dallas’ household hazardous waste Our Healthy HomesTM education series in 1985 that led to permanent Dallas County collection facilities, and pushed the city council for a residential curbside recycling program around the lake in 1990, and later in 1997.  It started with taking baby steps by encouraging proper HHW disposal and awareness, including picking up the recyclables around White Rock Lake.  As seen in the picture of  ‘old blue’ our recycle truck with PATH volunteer helping pick around the lake (997-2009) at the W. Lather and Hillgreen parking lot on the education shoreline (1999-2009).
Remember “Bee Green, Change One Habit!”


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