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PATH is a pioneer (501c3) nonprofit group for White Rock Lake and the North Texas area.  It has and continues to serve as a community voice initiative to educate, activate and encourage effective, economical and smart solutions. Particularly for area ecosystem and habitat pollution problems, including storm water and recycling.

As a regional leader in renewable and sustainable insights, it has provided an active forum to promote the safety and well-being of White Rock Lake Park and to its affected extent as it has for over twenty five years as PATH. And has promoted water, air and land quality preservation and protection at White Rock Lake through household hazardous waste (1983) storm water (1985), and recycling (1990) education outreach around the lake through its leaders and beginnings (as CAPM early on). With a couple of decades of much opposition from local lake community leaders working on the hardscape issues of WRL Park.

PATH persevered in its “sustainable” (unheard of at the time) and very unpopular “green” message for healthier households, plants, and animals across the lake community.

PATH and its predecessor group has served White Rock Lake as the first and only organization to bring the grassroots of grassroots of formal environmental education awareness and outreach to the public through organization, agency, and municipal partnerships on green initiatives from 1983 to present. 

PATH runs on volunteer power and the gracious support of the community, local agencies and businesses who share a mutual concern for the sustainable development of their community, its connected communities, and including preservation of their natural habitats and resources that affect our water, air, and land quality that affect our native flora and fauna and global climate.

Since 1990 PATH has worked as an active community voice encouraging effective and ecological dialog that include solutions to protect and improve the environment, quality of life of its White Rock Lake patrons, including the extended community of the DFW Area.

PATH dedicates its resources to eco educational programs that help raise the awareness of the public at large on issues related to keeping environments safe, preserved, conserved and sustained in urban settings.

More History…
From 1983 pre-PATH (CAPM, Founders) and PATH was the first organization to give “green” awareness workshops, classes and consultation to city council, water department and other departments, including neighborhood associations across the city to form the LEED initiatives for green homes, neighborhoods and businesses. PATH continued to work via volunteer power with this new “sustainable” concept (coining the term regionally) from the 1980’s to encourage individuals and group efforts to do something sustaining for the first time within White Rock Lake and metroplex wide by moving forward with the DFW Green Alliance in 1998 as a vehicle for leaders to collaborate on sustainable issues. Local Emergency Planning Committee residential and commercial poison control safety, household hazardous waste, recycling awareness (residential and commercial), storm water quality awareness, clean air future work plan, climate change (from 1990) and organics, native species and habitat protection, to name a few.

The DFW Green Alliance of almost thirty nonprofits, working through the Center for Nonprofit Management for one year, sponsored by PATH, produced EarthFest multicultural events at Flag Pole Hill, the Cultural Bath House Center, Texas Discovery Gardens, Downtown Dallas, and local universities bringing EarthDay for the first time to the North Texas community. The events covered everything from solar energy to organics, to saving the native plants and prairie, to dredging White Rock Lake as a result in forming a county-wide Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program that resulted in a City Storm Water Program and Texas Stream Team testing at White Rock Lake, to being the catalyst for forming a city-wide residential and commercial recycling program. There were fourteen DFWGA Charter nonprofit groups, and there were also ‘non Chartered’ groups that benefited in their use of PATH’s DFW Green Alliance – Center for Nonprofit Management Charter work and investment, who are currently moving forward with PATH’s sustainable initiatives taking on a ‘grassroots’ and ‘environmental’ persona within the White Rock Lake Community working on an eco-responsible image.

The PATH organization’s purposes are charitable, educational and scientific, and specifically shall include the transaction of any and all lawful work pertaining to the protection of people and the environment through public interest, participation, and action.

Founded on professionally recognized scientific standards under its “environmental safety protection criteria” as an educating entity of environmentally correct and safe alternatives and sustainable solutions, and is apart from any industry-related, nonscientific, or radical fringe environmentalism for over twenty five years.

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PATH’s Projects and Programs History and Accomplishments… with a little help from our friends.

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