Prairie Preservation and Protection Project

Boy Scout Hill Prairie

"Blackland Prairies is working year round in partnership with the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department, collaborating as a team, and with other partners to bring back a prairie in crisis."

Blackland Prairies organization at White Rock Lake,  a local nonprofit driven effort, provides up to date eco news and information on sustainable initiatives for the Blackland prairie, including restoration and protection of its biodiversity, protection of its Texas heritage, and supports the Blackland native prairies ecosystem.

Blackland Prairies is focused at this time specifically on the prairie remnants of White Rock Lake in east Dallas as a significant part of the Blackland Prairie Ecosystem.

The BP project works to activate, educate and serve the local community, including nonprofit groups, nature groups, school groups, scout troops, church groups, service groups, and the public at large, through private and public donations that support BP eco-ed programs and ongoing year round activities.

This project's mission, vision and purpose is to also provide history and event communication regarding the beauty, health, and sought for balance of the native prairies and their related flora, fauna, and waterways.

All are invited to participate in the groups classes, events, workshops, tours, socials, etc.

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