Have you done anything good for the local environment lately? Here’s something great to do!

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Help PATH sustain and protect our local community to preserve our health and well being that include our natural resources, local flora and fauna and planet.                                                      All groups welcome. Sign up today!


Thank you for taking the time to find out about GreenBee.org. We look forward to you and yours having as much fun as we do exploring the world in our own backyards to the wonder of its natural resources and how we can change habits to protect them.

As a nonprofit environmental education organization, PATH works very hard to maximize its efforts and resources. PATH’s Patrons and founders have focused on projects designed to support and sustain local communities locally since 1983. Which has been key towards protecting and conserving all efforts to have cleaner water to drink, purer air to breath and uncontaminated land to grow and sustain its supporting pollinators like bees, birds and butterflies so enough food can be grown to eat for our families.

We know that we can learn very simple habits which we can do every day to help preserve our renewable and nonrenewable natural resources.  But how? Try getting informed on current important information, or attending a grassroots meeting. You could sign a petition that protects your health and that of the planet. Calling and writing your representatives will help and can be super effective!

Spending only a few minutes per week or daily can make a huge difference if we all chip in. Every dedicated minute counts towards a more sustainable community. Most of what can be done to solve our pollution problems can be done locally…in our very own backyard.                                                                   Join In And Sustain Yourself!

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For inquiries or donations by mail, send to:  PATH Program Director, P.O. Box 181631, Dallas TX, 75218

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